Riding Through History: The Penny Farthing's Journey from Victorian Innovation to Guinness World Record Attempts

Known by several names, including ‘The Ordinary’, ‘the hi-wheel’, and ‘the high wheeler’, the Penny Farthing holds the title of being the first true bicycle. It was brought to life in 1871 by the innovative British engineer James Starley, marking a pivotal moment in cycling history. This invention followed earlier attempts like the ‘Hobbyhorse’ and the French ‘Velocipede’ or ‘Boneshaker’, but the Penny Farthing stood out by offering the first genuinely efficient design. It featured a large front wheel and a smaller rear wheel, mounted on a straightforward tubular frame with rubber tires.

The Penny Farthing quickly became a beloved pastime among the Victorians, gaining widespread popularity as both a sport and a hobby. Its emergence is often celebrated as the moment cycling transitioned into the mainstream sport and leisure activity we enjoy today.

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