The Penny Farthing

Guinness World Records Extravaganza

Friday 11th - Sunday 13th October 2024

@ Herne Hill Velodrome / Dulwich Park / London Olympic Velodrome

Penny Farthing Velodrome
High Wheeler Racing

The greatest gathering of Penny Farthing riders in London since the 1880’s!

This extraordinary event will feature multiple solo and group Guinness World Records attempts, social & city rides, Victorian themed dinner & BBQ, with track racing at Herne Hill and London Olympic Velodromes.

The organisers of this unique Penny Farthing Extravaganza, sponsored by Penny Farthing Homes, welcomes riders of all abilities from around the world.

Register now and secure your place in the history books!

Don’t miss your chance to make history in this thrilling weekend filled with Penny Farthing fun.

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Penny Farthing Club
South London Scouts